Tayseer Abu Odeh
Tayseer Abu Odeh
Dr. Sherwood
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ENG 871

Robert Dunce’s “ Poetry, a Natural Thing <head>


<I> Neither our vices < pause type = “brief”/> nor </l> nor our virtues <shift feature = “tension” new= “They came up </I>

pause type “meduim” />

<I> and died</I>

<I> just like </I> they do<I> every year<u> <u/> on the rocks.” /I>

<I> The poem </I> <pause type= “brief” /I>

<shifts feature tempo” new =” feed upon thought > feeling </I> impulse />

<I> to breed itself </I>

<I> a spiritual urgency </I> shift feature = “loud” new > at the darks ladders ></I> < pause type= “ brief” leaping />

<lg type = “ stanza”>

<I> This beauty is an inner persistence </I> shift feature = “ temp” new= “ toward the source” />

<I> striving against ( within ) down </I> rushet of the river </I>

<I> a call we heard</I> and answer < pause type = “ brief” />

<I> in the lateness </I> of the world </I> shift feature = “ temp “ new= </I>

<I> primordial bellowings </I>

<I> from which the youngest world < pause type= “brief” />might spring

<I> Salmon not in the well </I> < pause type = “brief” /> where the hazelnut falls </I>

<I> but at the falls battling </I> inarticulate </I>

<I> in articulate </I>

<I> blindly making it </I>

<!> This one picture apt for the mind</I>

<!> A second : </!> pause type= “brief” a moose painted by Stubbs </I> ,
<I> where last year’s extravagant antlers </I>

<I> lie on the gorund </I>

<I> The forlorn moosy-faced poem wears</I>

<I> new antler-buds</I>

<I> a little heavy </I> pause type=” brief” a little contrived </I>

<I> his only beauty </I> pause type = “ brief” to be
<I> all moose </I>

Benton Fazzolari

Lisa Weddell



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